Year: 2018

Project type: Permanent installation

Location: Sandsfossen, Nord-Odal, Norway

Lighting Designer: Gard Gitlestad


Part of a larger outdoor lighting project in Nord-Odal, Norway, this installation of luminous pinewood logs on a river bank is intended as a reference to how the logging industry historically used the river for transportation of logs (log driving). The illuminated logs are stripped of bark, but are mostly untreated so that they will be naturally weathered – over the years, the wood will tranform to a gray colour, the slots that the light shines through will change in shape and size, and more cracks will develop. Thus, the environment will continue to shape the installation for years to come.

The logs have been hollowed out, and diffuse Plexiglas tubes internally illuminated by colour changing LED strips have been placed inside. The light shines through slots that have been cut free-hand by chainsaw.

The installation was developed in collaboration with: