Scenography for the Norwegian Storytelling Festival

Year: 2014

Project type: Stagecraft

Location: Dramatikkens Hus, Oslo, Norway

Scenographer, video artist: Ingrid Solvik


The Norwegian Storytelling Festival is an annual event showcasing some of the most outstanding international and Norwegian performances of storytelling, music, fairytales, spoken word and story slam. Both traditional storytelling and genre-crossing productions are shown in the festival program, which explores the role of contemporary storytelling today.

For the 11th edition of the Norwegian Storytelling Festival, the overall theme was «Power» or «Authority» («Makt», in Norwegian). All the stories told during the festival were, in very different ways, connected to the overall theme of «Power».

The design is intended both to be relevant to the festival’s overall theme and also be suitable for the wide variety of concepts and stories presented on stage.

To accomplish this, the scenographic concept is based on three key visual aspects that convey the term «Makt» (which is a somewhat narrower term than the English word «Power»). These are:

  • Monumental height

  • Asymmetry

  • Changing appearance depending on perspective