Glød is an interdisciplinary studio which works across the fields of art, design, lighting and technology. The studio’s practice encompasses spatial installations in the public realm, as well as immersive scenography and lighting design for stage productions.

Our works are site specific, conceptually rooted in their surroundings and context. With a visual expression that is concurrently both concrete and abstract, both sombre and playful at the same time, we seek to make room for contemplation in the meeting between spectator, art and space.

Sustainability goals

We strive to realise all of our projects with minimal environmental impact. For any project, whether temporary or permanent, our main criteria in the selection of materials and methods are longevity and reusability.

The production of certain parts, electronic components in particular, is inevitably resource intensive. Therefore, it’s imperative that these parts have the longest possible usable service life. In temporary projects, we make sure that materials are collected and re-used for other projects. For example, the LED light sources from our installation Kote 50 have been re-used for a theatre production, a film, a concert, and as job-site work lights, and are now in storage awaiting other projects.

We also explore alternative, sustainable and biodegradable materials from renewable sources. For instance, the piece Absence of Closeness was an effective testbed where we successfully tested a cellulose-based rigid light diffuser, which is currently undergoing further development for use in larger production runs.

We are conscious of the issues of light pollution, and participate in the Norwegian dark-sky organisation‘s working group for architectural and landscape lighting.

Ingrid Solvik

Artist, Scenographer

Ingrid Solvik, portrait

Gard Gitlestad

Lighting Designer MNL

Gard Gitlestad, portrait